Why European Projects

A rewarding way to become active
about pressing and relevant social issues

  Responding to the current European social landscape

  Offering opportunities for creative social engagement

  Fostering transnational, interdisciplinary collaboration

  Leveraging the social impact potential of the arts

Artit as a

We offer our very unique piece to our transnational collaborations.
This is some of the expertise we bring to the table.

facilitating communication & dissemination

We create and manage social media channels and their associated content. We care to curate quality aesthetics for the public image of our projects.
hosting custom calls for art

We follow our art contest format to create custom calls for art to suit the needs of our projects. Our calls are a great way to collect artistic contributions that creatively touch on the theme of a project.
developing educational material

We conduct research on the interactions between society and the arts, in both global and local contexts. We use our findings to draft training guides and workshops for interested parties.
engaging stakeholders in the art world

We help projects reach and tap into an extensive network of artists. This raises awareness around the work of projects and facilitates artistic input for various project activities.


Engaging with the EU community to drive meaningful change through art.
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Youth participation against plastic “COVID-Waste"

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Art Hubs for Youth

Art as a powerful tool for social inclusion

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Aims to extend the competencies of youth workers, psychologists, social workers by utilizing digital art therapy.

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Digital Theater

A comprehensive set of tools for theatre professionals to ensure a smooth transition onto the digital realm.