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Artit designs and hosts art contests with real commitment to supporting artists and their work. It is home to a global community of visual artists who participate in art contests at little or no cost at all.

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Digital and print journals celebrating the works of our platform's artists



Digital and print journals celebrating the works of our platform's artists
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Interview with Jiayue Li

 Jiayue Li
"I think creativity lies in everybody, but sometimes there's a lock that we need to find the key to open."

Interview with Andy Sylvester

 Andy Sylvester
"It is what interests me about portraiture so much that it is about how people want the world to see themselves."

Interview with MJ Torrecampo

 MJ Torrecampo
"I’m interested in those moments that are viewed as dull and trying to pull out what they can tell us about our relationships with others and space."

Interview with Elham Masoumi

 Elham Masoumi
"The artist succeeds in touching the most vulnerable part of the soul."


Engaging with the EU community to drive meaningful change through art.
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