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Brushing Stigma Away: Creating Art for Mental Health


Genre: Call for Art

Field: All media


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Apr 20, 2024

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Location: Accepting entries around the world

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Accepting Entries

With Mental Health Awareness Month on the horizon, we invite all artists to unleash the power of their creativity for our new art opportunity, “Brushing Stigma Away: Creating Art for Mental Health”.


Join our latest Call for Art and use this chance to convey hard-to-navigate emotions, mental struggles and/or triumphs. Let's unite to reduce stigma and paint a brighter, more compassionate future, one artwork at a time, and promote open and honest conversations about mental health and well-being through the expressive language of art. As always, you can submit more than one piece of work; we love seeing multiple ideas from participating artists. Do not forget to include the title, medium and dimensions of your works.


Cover image: Transmutation notes, (2022) by Daniela Bernal (@danielahb)


Disclaimer: This project will respect the privacy of all participating artists. When taking part in this project, information about your identity and contact details will be kept secure and will never be shared with any outside individual unless it is with your explicit consent. The copyright on the images will remain the property of each contributing artist. By submitting work, you consent for ARTIT to include your images and text in its online gallery. ARTIT may further use the images for internal publicity and reports but will not sell the images or allow other organisations to use them without the consent of the artist.