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Artit is a virtual platform for arts and culture aiming to promote and reward the work of visual artists of all ages, backgrounds, ethnicities and levels of experience. Our platform is home to a dynamic global community of like-minded people who make art to freely express what matters to them and their communities.

As an organisation, we believe in the power of art to act as a catalyst for social change. We are here to give a voice to all the artists bringing it forth.

What we do

Free Portfolio Development

At Artit, we give artists the opportunity to create an online portfolio and exhibit their artwork in our virtual platform for free. We have tailored the platform to serve the needs of artists, and are continuously making improvements to create the best possible experience for them.

Plus, we care about artists’ entire creative process, and believe it should be part of a whole, complete portfolio. To that end, we are developing a new ‘Work in Progress’ feature in Artit portfolios to celebrate our artists at work.

Easy-Access Art Contests

We run thematic art contests on a regular basis, open for anyone to participate. The contest themes cover a wide range of disciplines and creative media, and are open to all visual artists working with two and three dimensional media. With these art contests, we aim to reward the work of emerging and established artists who wish to gain exposure and share their work with a wider audience.

In this endeavour, we are supported by a multidisciplinary team of qualified art critics. We follow merit-based procedures to ensure fairness and equal opportunity for all participants.

Rewards & Recognition

Artit rewards creativity, whether or not the final artwork receives formal recognition through a contest. We go beyond just awarding the artists whose pieces stand out – we want to shed the spotlight also on less visible artists who have a story to tell.

Our most popular reward is the artist feature in our regular publication series, the “Voice of Artists”.

European Projects

At Artit, we believe in the potential of art to influence some of the pressing global challenges of our times and help shape a more just, healthier, connected society. With this in mind, Artit is a proud partner in four European cooperation projects, co-funded under the Erasmus+ scheme.

Whether it be human rights, respect for cultural diversity or climate awareness, Artit is always looking out for ways to leverage its network and technology to contribute to projects addressing major societal challenges.

Find out more about our European partnerships and projects here.

Core Team

Danai Papadimitriou

Danai Papadimitriou

Founder & Director

Danai founded Artit out of her own passion for arts and culture. Being a hobbyist visual artist herself, she initiated Artit to reward creative endeavors of emerging and established artists around the globe who wish to share their work with a wider audience. Danai holds an MSc in Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Management from Imperial College London, and a BSc in Business Studies with Finance from Cass Business School.

Melina Mitsotaki

Melina Mitsotaki

Business Development Manager

Melina holds an MPhil in Technology Policy from the University of Cambridge, and a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and Philosophy from UCLA. Melina has deep respect and appreciation for people who speak through their art, and wishes to facilitate a supportive ecosystem for artists of all backgrounds to flourish.

Spyros Eleftheriadis

Spyros Eleftheriadis

Full Stack Web Developer

Spyros worked for 10 years as an IT manager gaining great experience in both IT and business procedures. In parallel he has been working as a freelance Full Stack Web Developer. Since 2013 he has been working solely as a freelancer and has participated in numerous projects, including work for startups. He holds a Bachelor of BA from AUEB and MSc in Web Engineering.