Interview with Jiayue Li
"I think creativity lies in everybody, but sometimes there's a lock that we need to find the key to open."
By Jiayue Li

Interview with Andy Sylvester
"It is what interests me about portraiture so much that it is about how people want the world to see themselves."
By Andy Sylvester

Interview with MJ Torrecampo
"I’m interested in those moments that are viewed as dull and trying to pull out what they can tell us about our relationships with others and space."
By MJ Torrecampo

Interview with Elham Masoumi
"The artist succeeds in touching the most vulnerable part of the soul."
By Elham Masoumi

Interview with Jaq Grantford
"I believe everyone should celebrate everyone's creativity without judgement, but with an abundance of joy that something has simply been created."
By Jaq Grantford

Interview with Atilio Pernisco
By Atilio Pernisco

Interview with Keith Eager
"Painting for me is less premeditated, less planning and thumbnails and hidden meanings, and more of an immediate response."
By Keith Eager

Interview with Hélio Fernandes Luís
"[It is very important that] any section of the work, if removed from the whole, be interesting in itself."
By Hélio Fernandes Luís

Interview with Elizabeth Bergeland
"At the very core of being an artist or a creative person is being curious."
By Elizabeth Bergeland

Interview with Alice Miller
"Painting accomplishes something photography never can — duration."
By Alice Miller

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When the virtual opens the way for a tangible creative journey...

A glimpse into the mind of Paul Neberra
"Art without pain and suffering does not have the same flavor. I think it's important to look for something deeper by creating art."

Interview with Diego Palacios
"I hope people and I can connect for one second as they watch one of the paintings. I do not wish to be understood."
By Diego Palacios

Melanie Castro Macaya on Nude Art
"We are surrounded by norms and forces that lead us to regard the body as a means for sexualized expression, labeling it as an object of desire and pleasure. For me, the nude extends far beyond these concepts."
By Melanie Castro Macaya

Interview with Drew Cooper; a New Pop Icon
"I draw from past experiences and turn them into nature paintings."
By Drew Cooper

Australia Day with Sally West – The Bondi Beach Series
Kerry-Anne Blanket walks us through the process of leading Australian painter Sally West, best known for her iconic 'En Plein Air' Beach Series
By Sally West \& Kerry-Anne Blanket