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Fragments of Identity: First Edition


Genre: Call for Art

Field: All media


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Jul 03, 2024

Eligibility Conditions

Location: Accepting entries around the world

Conditions of Work: Anyone can apply

Accepting Entries

What defines our identity in the 21st century?

How do the fragments of our experiences shape who we are?

The exploration of identity in contemporary art is more compelling than ever. Can viewers see beyond the surface and ask themselves why we create certain works the way we do?


Humans have been artists since the beginning of time, from cave paintings to the complete beauty of the Renaissance, to the contemporary and conflictual world we live in today. In this continuum, the concept of identity remains as varied and multifaceted as the artists themselves.


"Fragments of Identity" aims to showcase this diversity, highlighting how each piece contributes to the broader conversation about what defines us. Some artists go into the depths of personal history and cultural heritage, while others experiment with new forms and mediums, continuously reshaping the understanding of self.


This exhibition is designed not just to display art, but to ignite dialogue about the multiple facets of identity in contemporary society. It demonstrates that our sense of self is not singular but a collection of experiences and influences, each valuable and significant.