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Art & Act | Marie Marzloff Award


Genre: Call for Art

Field: All media


Cash Prizes and more.


Apr 01, 2023

Eligibility Conditions

Location: Accepting entries around the world

Conditions of Work: Accepting works of art created between 2020-2023

No Longer Accepting Entries

Our team is shortlisting the entries

Art and Act - Marie Marzloff Prize is a biennial international art contest, promoted by CESIE, a European center for studies and initiatives based in Palermo, Italy. It was born in 2019 in memory of Marie Marzloff and carries on her ideas and passions: intercultural dialogue through the universal experience of art which becomes a form of communication and education. Art and Act invites the artists world to express themselves, with critical thinking, on various social issues, which are proposed in the various editions and represents the meeting of different synergies and skills which with passion, commitment and spirit of sharing create a bridge between art, cultural diversity and social activism.


The competition is open to professional and non-professional artists, with no age limit. All types of works related to the following graphic arts are admitted to the contest: drawing, illustration, painting, digital art, photography, comics, collage and mixed media. Art and Act places art as a tool for breaking down and reworking reality, offering imaginaries that go beyond everyday logic, suggesting visions that represent opportunity for reflection and a first step for change.