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 Drew Cooper

Interview with Drew Cooper; a New Pop Icon

"I draw from past experiences and turn them into nature paintings."


Taking his drawings from a gallery scene or to the basketball court, his work can be found inside and outside of the gallery setting. Cooper paints and draws his own colorful world of nature into which he welcomes you.



Please introduce yourself; Who are you? Where did you grow up? Where do you live? 


My name is Drew Cooper. I’m 27, I paint and design. I grew up in Fort Branch Indiana, a small town outside of Evansville. Lots of cornfields - not very much art. I lived there until I finished college at Ball State University where I studied art and graphic design. I then moved to Miami for one year, and then Los Angeles where I currently live. 



How did you start making art?


I have been drawing ever since I can remember myself. As a kid, I always liked to create and build things. This inclination continued through college. I make are for many reasons. Being an introvert is definitely one of them. I enjoy my own time and space, in my own little world where I can just be me. Art has allowed me to embrace this trait of mine and express myself through more creative means. I make art because I feel a deep calling to create. I want to inspire others to do the same. The first few attempts may feel a bit scary especially due to the underlying fear of being judged. In fact, I felt the same initially. However, once you overcome this, the sky is your limit and you have no choice but keep going forward.



Is there an artwork here you are most proud of? Why? 

Sometimes it’s hard to enjoy my own work because I pick out all the flaws in it. I am trying to work on that. Having said this, I do consider 'My Day Dreams' a beautiful painting of which I do feel proud.



On the Left: 'In my Day Dreams, Acrylic on Canvas; 60 x 72 cm, 2018  



What inspires you? What inspired these pieces & ideas? 


Growth and the opportunity to evolve is what inspires me the most. which leads to the work. These two pieces are from a series I painted for Art Basel 2018. This was my first time being invited to Art Basel. I showcased 7 canvases at the Porsche Design Center in Miami, Florida.  This series was about plants and color combinations. I love how just putting two colors together can create an "emotion".



Tell us more about what you create. What style(s) do you work in, mediums, etc.


I like to create bold bright and colorful pieces. Acrylic paint is probably the first medium I used even as a child and continues to star in my floral designs up to date. In the past I used to create lots of murals, however recently I have also been using larger canvases that currently adorn my living room.



What advice would you give to other creatives be they established or just starting out?


Just keep going. Life is long you have time to figure yourself out. If you can just lay one brick a day, before you know it things come together and you don’t even realize it. It’s tough to start out and no one believes in you, but we all start the same way.