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Digital Theater




Digital Theater addresses the challenges affecting the cultural sector as a result of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, which may have a lasting impact in the culture sector that is suffering both artistically and financially. As a result, theatre professionals (actors, technicians, playwriters and others) are struggling to remain active, relevant and sustain theatrical operations. In addition to the above, theatre non-professionals are also experiencing adversity as they can no longer function in the way that was possible before the pandemic. The hindrances affecting both professionals and non professionals, ultimately lead to a cultural decline and stagnation, at a time when culture and art are needed more than ever. The project offers both theater professional and non professionals the tools needed to transform their art into a digital context in order to ensure resiliency and continuity and even progress despite the restrictions in place. Digital theatre offers a comprehensive set of tools for theatre professionals in order to ensure their smooth transition onto the digital realm, by providing an integrated methodology, a complete curriculum, the insight and experience of contextualisation to each partner country, an e-learning course, and a set of resources (Guide) suitable for non-professionals.





The project aims to:


▪ Support 60 theater professionals that face difficulties in the new digital era to develop skills and competences and increase their capacity in their work.


▪ Foster the creative digital cooperation between theater professionals from UK, Greece, Cyprus, Spain and Portugal so they can run their own digital theatrical initiatives.


▪ Raise awareness on European societal issues through digital theatrical plays.


▪ Support non-professional theatre practitioners to benefit from a digital theater methodology and acquire skills to continue the artistic theatrical process.